K-5 Math Adoption Materials

Summary: Students, families, and community are invited to review the math materials being considered for the K-5 math adoption for 2022-23 school year.

K-5 Math Adoption Materials Ready for Review

It has been eight years since Seattle Public Schools updated its elementary math instructional materials. To help achieve the goals of the Seattle Excellence strategic plan, Seattle Public Schools initiated a new adoption process for instructional materials to support math instruction in grades K-5 for the 2022-23 school year. The process is now in the first phase where the proposed materials are being reviewed. During this phase, students, families, and other stakeholders are invited to review the math materials online.

Review the Math Materials Under Consideration.

Math Program Manager Elissa Farmer said the update was in response to the number of schools opting out of the district-provided curriculum.

“Over a third of our elementary schools have official waivers to use something other than the district-adopted materials, which they have to pay for themselves,” Farmer said. “That means that a lot of schools are spending … money on curriculum they shouldn’t have to be purchasing for themselves.”

Jim Meyer, a math curriculum specialist, said it was worth noting that there are other schools who were unsatisfied with the district’s curriculum, but could not afford waivers to purchase new materials, putting them at a disadvantage.

“They end up piecing together curriculum on a teacher-by-teacher basis which creates inequity,” Meyer said. “Some people are getting purchase curriculum at a high price; some people are getting things downloaded off the internet.”

Meyer said the variation from school to school creates a learning gap that carries over to middle school. Farmer pointed out the current K-5 math curriculum is not aligned with state math standards.

An adoption committee made up of SPS teachers and staff, as well as families and community members first screens materials for standards alignment, bias, and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The committee used the results of a needs assessment survey to help develop the criteria they are using to evaluate the materials to score each set of materials.

“We want to ensure we are field testing only the best candidates,” Meyer said.

Due to COVID restrictions, families and other stakeholders will not be able to review the materials in person. Materials can be viewed on the Math Adoption webpage. Students will get the chance to offer their input as the choices are narrowed down and field tests begin.

The survey to offer feedback will be open until mid-December. While the survey is available in multiple languages, materials can only be reviewed in English. The adoption committee will consider this input, along with their own evaluation criteria to narrow the list to two or three finalists. Once the finalists are selected, a field test of the materials with teachers and students will occur in January – February 2022.

“We are excited as a district to be able to provide schools and families with high-quality math instructional materials,” Farmer said. “We want all students to have the opportunity to learn their grade-level standards successfully.”

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